Your Neighborhood Dog Walkers

At Toto Dog Walking we’re very aware at how difficult it can be to find the time in a busy day to walk the dogs. The truth is, that when a canine doesn’t get the proper amount of exercise in a day, they can become aggressive, irritable and needy. That’s where we come in. Owned by Simon Hilton, this dog walking service runs out of Brighton, UK but can easily work with clients all around the city. In fact, the majority of our customers live within London, so we’re used to taking the tube to various locations. Our professional team has experience working with all sorts of dogs, ranging in breed, age and temperament.  This might seem strange but we enjoy working with difficult dogs because it gives us a chance to try and help them. Most dogs with behavioral issues tend to lack confidence and while we aren’t experts in training, many of the crew has certifications in dog behavior. It helps to know that your dog walkers are more than just the average Joe looking to make a few bucks. We pride ourselves on our ability and want out clients to feel comfortable leaving their furry family members in our care.

What to Expect

After you’ve taken the time to look through the site, discovering helpful articles revolving around canine care and health, you’ll be able to email the owner directly to schedule your first walk! From there, you can specify how often you’d like for us to visit (most customers use our services up to five times a week). We do require that you include a piece about you and your animal. We want to know the dog as best as we can before we visit so we know what to expect. Afterwards, you’ll be set into our database and your preferences saved. If you have more than three dogs, this will require two walkers. Prices will change depending on how many pets you need walking at a single time. We have package discounts too! If you use us more than three times a week, you’ll be offered a 20% discount and we can bill per month for continuous service. Once an appointment is set, on that day, we send one of our walkers out to you where you’ll sit and have a quick interview with them. We want to make sure you click well with our walkers before they start the job.

So, what’re you waiting for? Head to the Contact page to save a date now! We look forward to working with you.